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Spiritual Care 

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Trained and caring chaplains are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to offer comfort, support and guidance to children and families facing difficult challenges. The Godly Play children's program presents interfaith and interactive spiritual growth opportunities at bedside or in group activities. Children's Chapel is held weekly, and a chaplain is available by dialing the hospital operator or calling 904.202.2828.

Godly Play

Godly Play, a program of Wolfson's Spiritual Care Department, offers storytelling to children aged three through 12, Monday through Friday of each week.

There are two ways to encounter Godly Play. The first is by attending Children's Chapel, which meets every Wednesday at 3 pm on the fourth floor of Wolfson Children's Hospital.

Another way to experience Godly Play is through a trained storyteller who comes directly to the patient's room with a story to share. He or she makes rounds daily to patient rooms. In addition, a parent can request our religious educator to come to a child's room simply by calling the Spiritual Care Department at 904.202.2828.

Godly Play is a method of telling stories with simple, three-dimensional wood figures and pieces of felt material cut out to represent parts of the story. The stories allow the children to express and develop their own spirituality through the open-endedness of the "I wonder" questions after the story. Each child's response is treated seriously and with deep respect. Founder Jerome Berryman would say that in Godly Play, children discover who God is and are not told who God is.

After the story, the Art Response Time is another opportunity for the children to express what they are thinking and feeling. The children can also "work" with the story, allowing another opportunity for expression of spirituality.

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